Last night was the season finale of Saving Grace.  It was a summer show that stars Holly Hunter.  By the way Holly did a smash up job on the character.  The show is about a detective based out of Oklahoma, she is a alcoholic, that has family issues sleeps around every night and breaks as many rules as possible.  She is very good at her job.  On night she is driving home drunk and hits a man walking on the side of the road.  She kills him and in horror of her actions she asks God for help.  God sends Grace an angel name Earl, who in the beginning chewed tobacco and spat in an old water bottle. The detective Grace, never really changes her ways.  Each and every week there is a new case to solve.
Well, I was thinking, if an angel ever visited me on a regular basis would I continue on behaving the same way.
Do you remember Joan of Arcadia, a show where God visited a rude and stubborn teenager and she just kept right on being a stupid rude teenager?
I wonder how many people would make a change for the better if an angel visited them?  Is it just me and may be puppy?

By the way it is a good detective show.