Some times I will be driving down the street and all of a sudden my car starts to vibrate and I hear this loud thud, thud thud of some rap music from another car.  The sound is so loud it drowns out everything going on around me including my thoughts.
A judge in Fort Lupton Colorado has come up with and idea to stop this kind of noise violation, it is proven to stop 97% of the offenders from repeating the noise violation.
The Violator is issue a ticket, to appear in court.  The judge sentences the violator to listen to one hour of Music Immersion in a court appointed room.  The violators report on such and such date enter the room empty handed and sit down to listen to music cranked up to a high volume. They are not allowed to talk, sleep, eat or drink.
An example of the selection of the music is to name a few;
Barney theme song
Istle Bitsy spider
Barry Manilow – I Can’t Smile Without You
Neil Sedaka – Calendar Girl
Dolly Pardon – Jolene
Dawn – Tie a yellow Ribbon around the Ole Oak tree

Geese all they would have to do for me is play any Dionne Warwick song, and I would literally go insane.