I went over to the .99 cents store, and they have two isles that is full of Halloween candy. I went into Target and they have several isles with Halloween candy.  Mom went to Walmart yesterday and told me the place in choc full of Halloween candy.  It is  September and who is going to buy Halloween candy now for October 31st.  I was thinking we view ads on toning up, weight loss, eating right on TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, bill boards.  We are constantly being bombarded by the media everywhere we go about being slim and eating healthy.  Ever year around this time we start this vicious cycle of over eating, because all the stores take on the Old Lady in the Candy House Syndrome in Hansel and Gretel.  They start tempting us and stuffing us with candy, desserts, food until News Years day. Then they throw in our faces did you eat too much over the holidays?  Guilt takes over and then we are bombarded by weight loss clinic, different diets, gym specials ads.  Then the stores start putting out the candy for Valentines day followed by Easter.  Do you see just how vicious this whole gimmick is?  We live in guilt about everything we put in our mouths and constantly blame ourselves, but are we really to blame?