I was looking forward to the Bionic Women which aired on Wednesday, having grown up in the 70’s when the Bionic man, and the Bionic women were very popular. I love that weird deeedeee sound that they played when they used their bionic powers. I watch the show for about 20 minutes and was not impressed. It had too much “drama queen stuff” and “I want things my way or no way at all” attitudes. I did notice that two characters from Battle Star joined the casts.

House came back on Tuesday. I was so looking forward to this show. He had all his antics couple with his quirky personality and horrible bedside manner. But there was a something missing. I think most people thought Hugh Laurie could carry the show on his own. But while is was entertaining it lacked the hook me in and keep me glued to the TV set phenomenon. The three other characters that were his right arm last season quit or were fired. They brought an even balance to the show; I hope they come back soon.

Cold Case premiered on Sunday. That show was great. Lilly got a better haircut and looked glamorous. Makes me want to go out and get my bangs properly cut. The show had a good theme and covers the details going back and forth from the present to the past so you see exactly what happened. I always love the end when the dead people come back and kind of give a thank you or finally goodbye.

I love Fall TV; it is so cool to look forward to new and exciting shows to tease the bored mind.