Hannah Montana concert tickets are the hottest item to get right now.  When the tickets went on sale to the public, they were sold out in under 40 seconds. How you asked, ticket brokers, scalpers, and computer hackers.  Parents were irate over this.  Why you asked? Now the scalpers are selling these tickets for $116.00 to $4,572.00.  Enough parents complained and the government became involved, yes the Attorney General.  But the Attorney General came out and said that there isn’t anything that can be done.
Parents are calling the radio stations and asking for give away tickets to Hannah Montana.  They are desperate and will not pay the high prices for the tickets.
Gone are the days when you line up outside of a ticket master and purchase your tickets.
Well, they can always turn on the Disney Channel and watch Hannah several times a day.
Did you know that this show is a lot of adults secret pleasure to watch on TV.