We went on a quick trip to Kansas City to visit my cousins and Aunt.  I have not seen my Aunt in many years and some of my cousin I have never met before.  It was trippy to arrive to a house of strangers be related and then have them opened their arms and extended such warmth and love like they have always known me.  I looked at my second cousin and he resembled my oldest brother so much and even had some of his mannerisms.  His sister looks like my sweet cousin ML, those two could be sisters they have some of the same facial features.  I pulled out my cell phone and showed her a pic of ML that I sneakily took last year when I visited her.  We played with the zoom and it amazed her the similarity. It gives one such a wonderful feeling to be welcomed and accepted into the clan.
The saying Blood is thicker the water, has a lot of truth behind it.