Someone is playing a prank on us. Why, I have no idea. For Halloween I did some decorating by my front door. I put a wreath up and hung some fluffy spiders. I have this little scarecrow that has been in our Halloween box for years. I put him to sit on an elevated plant hanger. For about a week puppy has been hearing someone out side at the night. Well the last two days while we are out some one has taken the scarecrow off the plant hanger and throw in on the ground, and then soaked the crotch of his pants with some fluid. Big Sis called the police on Saturday night cause someone was outside and puppy kept growling and barking, and the poor scarecrow was molested again in the late night. The police told us to put a pad lock on the front and back gate. Well today I left the house at 3 pm and all was normal. I came back after 4pm and the scarecrow was thrown on the ground and the crotch of the scarecrow pants were soaked. I took the scarecrow to the garbage but did not have the heart to throw him away so I left him on a wooden create to view the world from a safer place. The whole thing give us the willies.