I passed by this lady who was urging people to give money towards preventing cruelty to farm animals. I got to thinking, which is a dangerous thing.  The cruelties to these animals are defined as inhuman conditions, having to live in confined quarters day in and day out. Living in filth (excrements.) Very poor diet, lack of exercise, injected or feed with growth hormones.

Then I thought about the average human. Who spend their lives in cubicles, or small confined spaces each day; they lack exercise and have a very poor diet that is injected with lots of hormones and chemicals.  If you ever visit a business restroom and the janitorial services have missed a day of cleaning, it is pure filth.  If you visit some on these same people homes you will see that it is not any different than the restrooms at work that have no janitorial services.

If people cannot treat people with respect and care, then how can we hope to make a change for animals?
I am not implying that all efforts should be halted towards the fight to preventing animal cruelty. I am thinking that we as humans should work on preventing cruelty to one and another, and from there it would branch out to animals, nature, the earth, and the universe.