Space the final frontier.
Right now we have many little space ships out there, looking for life beyond Pluto.  Each little ship carries pictures of human and videos from us.
I am really curious what is on those videos of us.
Right now we have large satellites trying to pick up radio frequencies that any aliens might be using to broadcast on.  The great minds of this Earth figure that radio waves are easy and cost effective to use.  So the aliens would definitely use radio waves to communicate with each other.  So NASA invented a computer that scans One million frequencies at once.
All this effort to find other life forms, and what if it happens?  Every single Sci-Fi movie I have seen when the aliens come we always go to war and Earth is in danger of being destroyed and taken over.
Roswell and Area 54. All the rumors of locking up and testing the aliens that crashed on Earth.
What do you think would happen if humans ever came in contact with aliens?
This whole thing really puzzles me; Humans by nature are not peaceful beings.