The other day I went for my first facial ever, Thank you Mom…
A really nice girl who took me back to a dressing room welcomed me.
She asked me to remove all clothing & jewelry except undies for this facial.
Huh?  I thought for face thingy remove clothing? Ok.
Then she escorted me to a chair, and had me smell several scents for a footbath.  While I filled out my forms I sat and soaked my feet and drank flavored water.  She came back and took my feet out of the water, dried them is a warm towel and slip my slippers on my feet.  That was when it hit me, I feel like a movie star.
I was taken into a room and asked to get into a comfortable bed type table and cover with some very soft sheets.  The lighting was dimmed and music was piped into the room. The same young lady started applying stuff to my face very gentle; in between applications of face stuff she would massage my shoulders, neck, arms and feet.  I had a special treatment on my hands and arms with special lotions, she wrap them in plastic and put them in warming gloves.  The whole process took 1.5 hours. And I came out with the softest skin all glowing.  The next day I broke out with acne.  Shuckie darn!  Oh well it was worth it to be treated like I was a movie star rich queen lavish women. Who would of thought a facial was all that.