A Real Ghost story
Many years ago in the wee early morning hours I was fast asleep.  I was pulled to consciousness by an eerie feeling that someone was watching me.
I opened my eyes and standing right next to my bed was a very old lady with hair the looked like she just stuck her finger in a wall socket.  It was literally sticking straight up and out.  She was the scariest looking old lady I have seen to date. In that instant I gasped with the heart in my throat beating like it was going to burst and closed my eyes tightly.  There was such an evil presence to this old lady.  I would not open my eyes again until it was light outside.
We did have this crazy old lady that lived next door to us, she was such a lost soul.  She lived with her daughter and son in-law and they verbally abused her.  I would talk with her every once in awhile. I thought for sure she found a way into our home that early morning possessed. Remembering the features of the old lady standing by my bed, they did not compare to our crazy lady next door neighbor.
That was one hair raising experience, maybe for both the old lady and me.