I was looking at the clocks on Sunday night; I was confused as to what time it was, this being the weekend for the time change.  I was thinking maybe Big sis adjusted all the clocks.
I pick up the phone and dial Popcorn.  For as long as I can remember you could dial popcorn and get the correct time.  There was only a message that the time clock was discontinued with an apology. What the heck!!! Why?
A quick search on the Internet told me why.
AT&T announced that it discontinued this service in September 2007 as outdated equipment breaks down, as well as to free up additional phone numbers. A speaking clock could be reached until September 19, 2007, by ringing various numbers, For all area codes in Northern California, the number was 767-2676, and was often indicated by its telephone acronym, POPCORN.

Well, thank you AT&T for discontinuing a major icon in our lives.
Wish it would be just as easy to discontinue this stupid time change system.