This morning I was listening to a radio station.  This station has been known to set people up for events.  Lets say a person has tickets to an event but has
no one to go with them.  If you are lucky enough to get your call through to the station and the jocks are in the mood they will announce that a certain person is looking for a date to a specific event and if you are interested call the station and they will screen the guy or girl on air and then pass on the phone number to the person if they are interested.
Last week they set up this lady for a motorcycle event.  They lady had a choice of three men who wanted to go with her to the event. She talked to them on air and then in private and made her choice (Larry).  Larry was supposed to meet her at a designated café at 1PM.  She got a ride over the café and waited for 2 hours and Larry did not show.  So she went home and tried to find someone else to take her to this motorcycle.  While she was calling around Larry called and asked her where she was, so now a total of 4 hours had passed. Larry had gone to the event and was having fun and on an after thought realized he was supposed to be with her.  All this information came out today on the radio as she was reporting back on her date. She said she ended up forgiving him and went out with him a few nights later, he did not feel like dropping her home so she drove his truck home and returned it the next night to him and he took her out to dinner to thank her.
They opened the phone lines for people to give their opinions on Larry, and everyone said pretty much to just forget about him.  That was the tame down version of their comments. Next thing Larry called in to defend himself.  The two other guys who she did not pick also called in.  They said that they would be more than willing to take her out to dinner if she wanted and forget about Larry.
This lady said she would continue on seeing Larry and it had been 10 years since she dated anyone, cause good men are hard to find.  This left the jocks and the audience baffled as to why would she be so stupid.
What makes some women attracted to guys who treat them so disrespectful? I have asked that question to myself and well, I don’t know, it could be a stupid gene in the brain.!??!