The holiday rush is on. People are really in a frenzy to get the perfect gift for everyone on their Christmas list.
We got a Holiday surprise today. Chee and I went to a fancy little restaurant for lunch. They were had a brunch buffet. The server said we could have the brunch, alone which was a table of a few pasta salad dishes, a fruit platter and assorted deserts, or have a bowl of soup with the addition to the small buffet for $7.50. It did not make much sense since the buffet alone was $11.95. We opted for the soup and buffet. It was lovely. They had just put up the Christmas tree and all the pretty garlands. The fireplace hosted a large log all a blazed and soft music was playing in the back round. We ate and felt really special. We did not get to much attention from the server, but the water guy was really nice. The bill came and I looked at it $11.92. I am not much of a thinker; I just slapped down the credit card basking in the moment of a yummy lunch. Then it dawned on me a few hours later, heck they made a mistake. It should have been at least $15.00. Oh well, it is the season to give and they were really nice to give us a discount.