I have a lazy dog that has psych herself into getting carsick from the time she sees we are walking toward the car. She has a routine for her walks and if we go a different route she will just put the “brakes on” and we have to drag her along.
I have asked her many times if in her last life she was some Queen or President, and she just looks at me with those three black berries, (two eyes and a nose) and never replies.
We got a DVD on how to train your dog. I watched it once and did the rewind to reinforce this new knowledge. I have tried the technique that they showed for the basic sitting command; it does not work for her.
This dog has hard ears, she has to do things her own way.
My daughters are the same way, and my Mom would say I am too.
So my theory on this situation is the monkey see monkey do. If the daughters can be stubborn then the dog thinks that is the norm for behavior.
When the girls and the dog leave home, and I am old, I will sit back and remember this time. All I will remember is the good parts cause that is the way my memory works.