Madonna showed up at a Manhattan Yoga studio.  She joined in a class with 25 students.  She started talking during the session and the teacher told her to please be quiet.  She announces that she would like to talk to Yoga teacher, and went up to him and said out loud I want you to ask everyone to leave and for you to stay and continue to instruct me.  The Yoga teacher promptly got up and asked his students to follow him to another studio and they left Madonna alone. She stayed in the studio and did her Yoga and when the next class came in she refused to leave.
I wonder what happens to people’s brain when they become famous? It must be some type of chemical imbalanced.
I remember years after Alanis Morissette climb to fame, she said she looked back at the stuff she did when she was at the height of her fame and she was shocked at how egotistical she was.  She said she called Mother Theresa at some unholy hour of the mother just to chat.
I am always amazed at the stuff I hear about famous people, it sure is entertaining.