Blog New Year resolution:  to write once a week about whatever I want and not worry that it is uninteresting.

In protest of the media coverage about losing weight and getting in shape I decided to add a delicious header to my blog.
I’ve been down with a head/sinus thing for a few days and the only form of entertainment the body could tolerate was the TV.  On every single channel commercial after commercial was about loosing weight, they even had TV shows about loosing weight.  I sat there and was convinced I was the fattest slob on earth.  Hey Jenny Craig here’s all my money give me some of those pre -packaged foods so I can look like Valerie Bertinelli.  Let me do a million crunches to have a flat stomach.  As the snot began to clear from head I realized that this brain washing technique is a very cruel thing to do. Heck we all feel bad about our self and image.  Why start the New Year thinking we are fat and ugly.  Why not start the New Year with uplifting thoughts and a positive attitude?  In the back of our mind have the thought everything in moderation with regards to food, drinking and exercising.  Just enjoy life.  That is what I am going to do and also watch very little TV, because the content is not very good these days.