Two ladies walk into a store around the same time.  One is a dark hair olive skin lady and the other is a blonde white lady.  The sales person walks directly to the blonde lady and says and a chirpy friendly voice can I help you find anything?  After the sales person helps that blonde lady, she goes back to organizing until the dark hair olive skin woman approaches her and asks for help.
The reality of the situation is that every one is attracted to light hair light skin people, I don’t really know if there is a scientific reason for this phenomenon.
Case in point…
Money has been delegated to study the Blondes of the world.
With startling results, “Blondes Are Becoming Extinct”
Experts in Germany suggest that people with blonde hair are endangered species and will become extinct by 2202. Researches predict that the last truly natural blonde would be born in Finland, a country that brags that they have the highest population of natural blondes in the world.  This study concludes that too few people carry the gene for blondes and that will not last much longer.  These same researchers suggest that the reason for this is, blonde hair dye.  People cannot tell who is a natural blonde anymore when picking a mate. Oh for shame.  Well what’s a person to do?
Does that mean in the year 2202 two women will walk into a store both dark haired and the sales person will approach them both and ask them in a chirpy voice can I help either one of you? Or will everyone have dyed his or her hair blonde?