I was so excited; yesterday little puppy had her first appointment to have her doggie hair done. After all
these months of with her, I have been the dog
hairdresser. She started out with some really eye
opener hair trims.

My mom and I know this older lady
who has a pet shop and she does grooming on the side.
I had thought she retired but she is still in
business. We scheduled an appointment and Puppy went in yesterday at 10:30 am and I was told to pick her up at 3:30 pm. When we got to the appointment she (dog groomer) pulled out books on puppy’s breed and we looked at pictures. I explained what I wanted and we had an understanding. In my head I envisioned she would come out looking like a show dog . We went to pick up puppy and she was not finished.
She brought out my dog and had used the scissoring
method and had totally scissor most of the hair off.
She said that she was not finished and continued for
the next hour scissoring her hair, which just did not
help. I walked out all smiling and wishing the dog
groomer well. When I got into the car I cried and am
still crying about my poor puppy. It was a bad
haircut and you know what they say, well it will grow

The photo does not look as bad.