I was shopping last week in our beautiful snobby town, when I notice that the Sigrid Olsen store was having a killer sale.  I have never been able to justify paying the much for a blouse or tee shirt.  So I entered the store and went to the back where they were having 50% off the already marked out items.  That meant 75% off.  They had a lovely selection of goodies to feast my eyes on and if I dare, try on.  I collected a few items and went into the dressing room.  They did not look that bad on.  I was looking at stuff for $6.00 to $13.00, unheard of prices for Sigrid stuff.   I went up to the sales person and said are you just clearing out the winter items?  She said, the store was closing; Gee, I remember when they opened it 2 years ago and my Mom and I went down to the shop for a champagne and snicky-snacks party.  Sigrid was there in person.  She was shaking hands and signing clothes.  It was really snob pretentious city.  Of which I felt honored to be a part of.  The sales person said that all Sigrid stores are closing, ours was the first one scheduled to close.  The economy she said is so bad.
Well this is not the first store to close in the last month in that area.  It is really unnerving to see businesses taking a nose drive.  I hear on the news that people are just holding on to their money.  With the extensive foreclosures in California, people are really in trouble financially. I was thinking who is to blame.  I know the Republicans will say it is the Democrats and the Demos will say it is the Repubs. When it boils down to it, what can be done to remedy this dooming situation?
Well maybe we should all hold on to our hats, cause it is going to be quite a ride.