February 2008

A drunk staggers into a Catholic Church, enters a confessional booth, sits down, but says nothing.
The Priest coughs a few times to get his attention, but the drunk continues to sit there.
Finally, the Priest pounds three times on the wall.
The drunk mumbles, “Ain’t no use knockin, there’s no paper on this side either.”


Health care in America….
It is a tragedy. Being without insurance for a while, I had to privately look for health insurance, what a joke. I applied to several of the large insurance companies and I got back rejection letters. The reason was one year I developed asthma after at being hit by two flu bugs in a row. It was just really a one-time incident where they prescribed an inhaler, once an asthmatic always an asthmatic in their eyes. They picked apart my applications like a grammar teacher from hell. The next year I reapplied, this time I was a little wiser, I anticipated the scrutinizing eyes. I was finally able to get insurance. It was so costly, and really did not cover a heck of a lot. I was responsible to some major co-pays for doctor’s visits and heaven forbid if I ended up in the hospital it would be thousands of dollars. Well the unforeseen occurred and I did end up having to have surgery. It took me forever to pay off the bill. On top of that, the insurance company increased my monthly bill. So what was the point of having insurance? I am not all together sure.
The Supreme Being needs to help those people who are sick and have no or lousy insurance.
In San Francisco only the Mayor passed a bill that would give everyone health insurance, very much like Canada. Anyone would have access to proper medical care without hassle or bills. This has caused uproar in the community of small business owners there. Where is the money coming from to afford this wonderful gift of health care for everyone? Well it is coming from a tax that everyone is required to pay. Mark my words, if the little gift the mayor gave to the City of San Francisco works out, he will probably be in the running for the President of US in the 2012 election.
In the meanwhile I am hoping really hard that with the upcoming election, whoever gets into office will do something positive for the American Public health care needs. We are a literally a dying country because of poor medical coverage we the people have.

Sicko is a good DVD to rent if you want a picture of the decline of Health Care in America.

On Valentine day, I find myself sitting here with a lovely bunch of tulips. Big Sis surprised me, what sweet girls I have to give me little tokens of love, a long with my Mom too.My youngest who started Junior college this year ,2008 at a young age (16) has topped the chart on Valentines in our home. We have several bouquets flowers and gifts from admirers, who are all over 18. Oh to be young… and have the benefits of being wise.We all get the benefit from all these lovely flowers. Happy Valentine’s Day. May love come to every one is abundance.

The Birth
So innocent so sweet
So soft so tender
So vulnerable
We are nurtured, cared for and taught.
We are loved, protected and sheltered
The Journey
We grow and mature into adults
Some give, love and teach.
Other take, use and are self-absorbed.
Our actions, our thoughts, leave behind a memory trail
That trail continues with every life we have touched
Memories forged with individuals some lasting decades
After we have gone.
What do we want to leave behind to establish our existence?

This week my sweet lovely Auntie passed. We just to joke around with each other and she would say, I think you were supposed to be my daughter and her daughter was supposed to be my Moms. That was because we shared many common interests.
My Auntie was a giver. Once we were vacationing in Hawaii and she was down in the lobby waiting for us to go site seeing. When I saw her, the first thing I said was. “Oh my gosh, I love you caprice pants.” The next day they were washed, wrapped up and given to me with such love in her eyes.
Auntie Chan could make the most delicious food, decorate the most beautiful cakes and sew lovely clothes, she very talented. I am so lucky to have spent the time with her and to know her. She is truly a beautiful spirit. Until I see her again, I will miss her very much. Thank you for all the wonderful times we shared together.

On Tuesday Feb 5th, 2008 my siblings and I lost our beautiful sister Chandini or Chanee as my other sisters called her. She was very much loved by all who knew her. She had a lovely disposition and a big kind heart. Chandini enjoyed life and loved to travel. Cruises were her favorite type of vacationing.
I treasure the times spent with her in our youth and in London where she resided. One of the memories that come to mind is the many times we had to catch the bus to go shopping in Oxford Street. (One of our favorite pass times.) Sometimes I missed jumping on the bus and it took off with me hanging on only because riding the bus was so new to me. We would have a good laugh at those times. I will miss all our crazy jokes, the laughter and most of all I will miss her beautiful spirit. She was my sister and my dearest friend. We all shared a deep love for each other.
God bless you Chandani, may Lord Shiva shower you with good blessings and love. Until we meet, I love you my sweet sister.
Sister to Sister/by my Mom

Well, it has been a really interesting kind of hectic week, I was hoping that with the fresh start of a new week stuff will settle down.
These are just a few things to deal with.
My current supervisor does not tell the truth.
My water heater decided to burp out large amounts of water, which seep into the living room.
The living room has the laminate floors, which I feared that it was ruined.
I called the insurance company and they are not responding.
Moooooooooving on.
Big day tomorrow!
Super Tuesday.
Vote everyone!
This 2008 election is the year that history books will go gaa-gaa over.
The first time a woman and a black man are running for president in the Primary ever.
This is the first year I voted via absentee.
But I have this thought that keeps running through my mind and the X files tune plays in the back round of this thought. Trust no one.
I have this sneaking feeling the even though we the American people vote, I think the voting is ridged.  Why you asked.  Well, it is really nothing I can prove it is just this nagging thought in my mind like the one I had to replace the water heater two weeks before it broke.
So who do you think will be the new democratic candidate for president?