Well, it has been a really interesting kind of hectic week, I was hoping that with the fresh start of a new week stuff will settle down.
These are just a few things to deal with.
My current supervisor does not tell the truth.
My water heater decided to burp out large amounts of water, which seep into the living room.
The living room has the laminate floors, which I feared that it was ruined.
I called the insurance company and they are not responding.
Moooooooooving on.
Big day tomorrow!
Super Tuesday.
Vote everyone!
This 2008 election is the year that history books will go gaa-gaa over.
The first time a woman and a black man are running for president in the Primary ever.
This is the first year I voted via absentee.
But I have this thought that keeps running through my mind and the X files tune plays in the back round of this thought. Trust no one.
I have this sneaking feeling the even though we the American people vote, I think the voting is ridged.  Why you asked.  Well, it is really nothing I can prove it is just this nagging thought in my mind like the one I had to replace the water heater two weeks before it broke.
So who do you think will be the new democratic candidate for president?