March 2008

Once you get out of the habit of writing daily blogs, you kind of wonder what to write.
Personally I’ve been through quite of bit just since this year has started. But to sit down and write about it will come across as whining with woo is me tone.   I like to dwell in the fun stuff.

So here goes.  It has been a month since we have returned from London.
This trip I finally got to do something that I have always wanted to do.  Since the late 70’s, (Note I am dating myself age wise) I have wanted to visit Hampton Court Palace. Specifically, the Maze.  I have seen several period movies of royalty life in the 1600’s thru the 1800’s.  In the movies you see this rich upper class people fancily clad in ornate costumes frolicking through these elaborate mazes giggling and playing hide and seek.
Well, I am not easily influenced by Hollywood. OK, I lie.
The Maze is almost a half- mile long and covers 1/3 of an acre.  The maze is set on the out-skirts of the garden.

Mom and Uncle had a strategy for getting through the maze (which I will not reveal) and my cousin and I followed like lost puppies after them.  Along the way we saw kids crying, because they were scared and lost, adults going around in circles with baffling looks.  I noticed that a rot-iron fence was put in around the hedges because people had pulled thru the bushes to get to the other side in some kind of panic.  We were cool as a cucumber as my mom kept verbally instructed us to the right.   A little boy took notice of our confidence and followed us through.  We entered the maze and exited without cheating in 15 minutes flat. It was like we ran a race and came in first, victory was so sweet.  When we exited the maze the little boy that followed up jump in the air with delight.  I have not idea how long he had been in maze.
I would definitely recommend the Maze to anyone who just likes to go with the flow and have fun.  The castle itself is a wonderful historic place to wonder thru in amazement.


Today I ran into a former co-worker at the craft store. I was so happy to see her. She is a really sweet lady, when we worked together we became close. She really was not in a social mood, despite the fact that we had not seen each other for months. She asked how things were going, and I said we were just surviving daily life. She said so I am. Then she launched into the same sad story I have heard several times since I have know her. Her son is bipolar and alcoholic. He stops taking his medication and then just goes crazy, and takes off of random trips across the US. Last time he was in Boston when the police called her and told that he was found naked at 2 AM in the morning screaming at a light pole. Today, she said he called her from Miami and told her he was out of money. Every since he left he calls her from various Walmarts across the country and says he has no gas money. She somehow transfers money to him. (Her son is in his mid thirties.) She said her heart is in her throat with worry. Then she just walked off and said visit us some time at the facility. I feel her pain. It has been like this for her since her son was 21 years old. She has been cleaning up his messes and housing him all these years. It is a codependent relationship. I listened to her and tried to offer some comfort. After she left Big Sis said to me, gee Mom she is one of those people who believes that her problems are so much worst than the next person. She never even asked you about your situation. I said yeah, it is not like I would ever give up such personal information. When I was younger, I would tell people about my woos. Then I learned the hard way, most people really do not care, and just used the information for entertainment sake. We live in a funny world of people. Most people are so self absorbed and they find it difficult to step outside of this rigid box they put themselves in. I really like Sci-Fi. Aliens read each others minds and always stay connected to each others thoughts. I have seen several movies where the aliens comment that humans live in a lonely world. There is no mental connection between one human to another. The first time I heard that it gave me goose bumps. How different would our world be if all our thoughts were some how connected. We sure would think twice before we did something stupid.

Today was my mom’s Birthday and since she is too modest to blog about it so I will. My mom is amazing and spent her entire Birthday doing things for everyone else. She sacrifices so much for others and has such a wonderful sense of compassion. She is funny, thoughtful, intelligent, caring, forgiving, considerate and strong. Anyone lucky enough to be related to her or a friend to her knows how special of a person she is. Happy Birthday mom I hope this year brings you only the best.