April 2008

Mega years a go, we lived in Guyana, when I was a wee little one.  My Mom has a ways enjoyed gardening.  The soil in Guyana was so rich and fertile it would grow just about anything.  Just the over turning of the soil would uncover large worms a plenty.  Of course I would have to develop a fear of worms.  I would purposely stay away when gardening day occur.
After many years I have tired to conquer my fear of worms.  Now when I see one on the sidewalk, jumping around like a fish out of water, I find a stick or something to gently brush it back to soil.   But, worms and stories about worms still scare the bee-gee-bees out of me.
This is a true story my Mom took great delight in relaying to me.  The very thought of the story causes me to instantly scratch my head uncontrollable.  This is one that I must write down, because I heard if something bothers you write it down and it will lessen the bother.
This English lady shows up in the ER violent scratch her head, begging everyone to get rid of the bugs in her head.  The doctor examines her head and finds nothing.  Her husband said that he has seen these things pop out of her head from time to time.  The doctor said that is impossible, there is such a thin layer between the skull and the skin that nothing could be in there.  Upon further exam his finds tiny pinholes, and sometimes little bubbles coming out of the holes.  The lady is most insistent that he removes these bugs.  He keeps coming back and checking on her and on one occasion he saw something just slightly pop out.   He grabs forceps and waits patiently, the next time he saw it he got a good hold of it and pulled.  It was a worm that was 5 inches long, flat and white.  He fished out three of those from her head. She was eternally grateful to him for believing her.  She had gone to see two other doctors about this matter and they did not believe her.
She had recently gone to Costa Rico and apparently some insects laid eggs in her hair and you know the rest.
Do I feel better now that this story is out on blog paper?  NO, I am still itching.


When I was in my teens, Star Wars was huge.  I went to see every Star War movie along with my trusty sidekick, Py. The first time I caught sight of Luke Sky Walker I fell helplessly head over heals for him.  I wanted to meet Luke, Mark Hamill in person.  For months every night I would repeat desire to meet Mark Hamill, like a sacred Mantra.
Fast-forward twenty years later.
In the small town of Livermore they have a film festival every year.  Older movies stars come in for this festival. My brother goes to this event most every year and I was lucky enough to be invited to tag along that year.  That particular year Mark Hamill had directed a film and was at the premiere.  My long awaited dream came true.  I got to meet Luke, in person.  The thrill in my heart was not there, but the excitement of the long ago wish coming true was great.

Weird pose
This past weekend was the Livermore Film festival.  My brother and his family went on Saturday.  I had the biggest cow that I was not invited.  Next thing I know waa-laa, tickets for the Sunday show were given to me. We went to see short films from all over the world.  Each film lasted between three to fifteen minutes, just enough to wet your appetite. I thoroughly enjoy the shows.  We actually sat next to a director of one of the short films.  He came all the way from England.  His movie was a little disturbing, but the Q&A with him after the movie gave a clearer insight to the reason that he made this movie.  Later Py told me he was going to interview this same director for his radio show.
It always amazes me the power of movies.  They take you on journeys that you could never imagine on your own.  Thanks Py…

I have talked to a lot of people who have said that this year has really started off bad.  These same people have lost loved ones, jobs, relationships and so on. I start to think of the laws of attraction.  Do we attract people who have similar problems weather health, personal or financial?  I have not run into anyone this year that has said, Wow what a wonderful year this has turned out to be.  I just met the person of my dreams and landed a huge promotion, at my job, I sold my house the same day it was put on the market for over the asking price, and my body is no longer producing gray hairs, I know there are people out there that are having a great year.
Then I was thinking about this phenomenon have you ever notice when you have injured yourself, for example you have hurt your big toe on your left foot.  It is so sore that you have to wear open toe shoes, and some how by extraordinary circumstances some Joe walks by and steps on that toe.  Granted no one has stepped on your toes for years, but just because your big toe on your left foot is in such great pain this happens.
I have heard people say, when you don’t feel good about yourself, people just stay away from you.  Case in point a guy is feels like he is dumpy and unattractive.  He starts working out and a friend helps him shop for couple new out fits and takes him to a good barber.  The guy gets different look and feels confident the next thing you know people are noticing him and he starts making new and fun friends.
I really am starting to believe in this law of attraction theory.  We are what we think and feel.
Right now I notice it is human nature to dwell on the negatives.  Everyday we hear about all the terrible things that people do to each other and our world.  Maybe one or two positive stories are given to us, but those are so over powered by the negative stories.  Just think if it were a balance of positive and negative stories would that change the condition of our society for the better? Thus the law of attraction thing again.
Just my rambling mind, rambling.

A car gets a flat on the interstate one day.

The blonde driver eases it over onto the shoulder of the road,

carefully steps out of the car and opens the trunk.

She takes out two cardboard men, unfolds them and stands
them at the rear of the vehicle facing on coming traffic.
The lifelike cardboard men are in trench coats
exposing their nude bodies and private parts to approaching
Not surprisingly, the traffic becomes snarled and backed up.
It isn’t very long before a police car arrives.
The officer, clearly enraged, approaches the blonde of the disabled
vehicle yelling, ‘What’s going on here?’

My car broke down, officer’ says the woman calmly.
Well, what the hell are these obscene cardboard pictures doing
here by the road?’ he asks.
Helllooooooo!! !!’ says the blonde.

Those are my emergency flashers!’


Is it so hard to find someone that will do a descent job?  It has almost been one month since the hot water pipe under the house broke.  I have had several repair people show up, plumbers, general construction workers, leek detectors and supervisors for this repair job.
First the leak detector man came in.  He was not a socialable guy.  I showed him where the water heater was, I specifically pointed out a sprinkler that is located a foot away from the stepping-stones to get to the water heater.  He did is job and left.  I went out to make sure he locked the water heater closet saw that he completely broke the sprinkler.  The second person to come in was the plumber, he spent several days rerouting the pipes and in the process tore the bathroom floor, stained the toilet and had to return the next week because the new pipes were leaking in the wall.  Next the dry wall people came.  They put in the dry and replaced the baseboard vinyl.  They got glue all on the wall, and toilet, which is some hard dark tan thing that is so difficult to chip away without taking out pieces of the wall and scratching up the toilet.  He replaced the baseboard vinyl with two different colors, off white and the other a medium tan.  He thought that was perfectly acceptable and left a big gap where the two pieces came together. When they cleaned up their equipment in the front yard they rinsed out the texture stuff for the walls from their cans in the front yard garden and all my plants are spotted white and soil is well, no longer brown.
Is this the sort of things they do in their own house when they do repairs?  What happened to conscientious employees who take pride in their work?  I don’t believe I am that nit picky, but if I did this sloppy work at my job, I am sure I would be history in that company.