Is it so hard to find someone that will do a descent job?  It has almost been one month since the hot water pipe under the house broke.  I have had several repair people show up, plumbers, general construction workers, leek detectors and supervisors for this repair job.
First the leak detector man came in.  He was not a socialable guy.  I showed him where the water heater was, I specifically pointed out a sprinkler that is located a foot away from the stepping-stones to get to the water heater.  He did is job and left.  I went out to make sure he locked the water heater closet saw that he completely broke the sprinkler.  The second person to come in was the plumber, he spent several days rerouting the pipes and in the process tore the bathroom floor, stained the toilet and had to return the next week because the new pipes were leaking in the wall.  Next the dry wall people came.  They put in the dry and replaced the baseboard vinyl.  They got glue all on the wall, and toilet, which is some hard dark tan thing that is so difficult to chip away without taking out pieces of the wall and scratching up the toilet.  He replaced the baseboard vinyl with two different colors, off white and the other a medium tan.  He thought that was perfectly acceptable and left a big gap where the two pieces came together. When they cleaned up their equipment in the front yard they rinsed out the texture stuff for the walls from their cans in the front yard garden and all my plants are spotted white and soil is well, no longer brown.
Is this the sort of things they do in their own house when they do repairs?  What happened to conscientious employees who take pride in their work?  I don’t believe I am that nit picky, but if I did this sloppy work at my job, I am sure I would be history in that company.