I have talked to a lot of people who have said that this year has really started off bad.  These same people have lost loved ones, jobs, relationships and so on. I start to think of the laws of attraction.  Do we attract people who have similar problems weather health, personal or financial?  I have not run into anyone this year that has said, Wow what a wonderful year this has turned out to be.  I just met the person of my dreams and landed a huge promotion, at my job, I sold my house the same day it was put on the market for over the asking price, and my body is no longer producing gray hairs, I know there are people out there that are having a great year.
Then I was thinking about this phenomenon have you ever notice when you have injured yourself, for example you have hurt your big toe on your left foot.  It is so sore that you have to wear open toe shoes, and some how by extraordinary circumstances some Joe walks by and steps on that toe.  Granted no one has stepped on your toes for years, but just because your big toe on your left foot is in such great pain this happens.
I have heard people say, when you don’t feel good about yourself, people just stay away from you.  Case in point a guy is feels like he is dumpy and unattractive.  He starts working out and a friend helps him shop for couple new out fits and takes him to a good barber.  The guy gets different look and feels confident the next thing you know people are noticing him and he starts making new and fun friends.
I really am starting to believe in this law of attraction theory.  We are what we think and feel.
Right now I notice it is human nature to dwell on the negatives.  Everyday we hear about all the terrible things that people do to each other and our world.  Maybe one or two positive stories are given to us, but those are so over powered by the negative stories.  Just think if it were a balance of positive and negative stories would that change the condition of our society for the better? Thus the law of attraction thing again.
Just my rambling mind, rambling.