When I was in my teens, Star Wars was huge.  I went to see every Star War movie along with my trusty sidekick, Py. The first time I caught sight of Luke Sky Walker I fell helplessly head over heals for him.  I wanted to meet Luke, Mark Hamill in person.  For months every night I would repeat desire to meet Mark Hamill, like a sacred Mantra.
Fast-forward twenty years later.
In the small town of Livermore they have a film festival every year.  Older movies stars come in for this festival. My brother goes to this event most every year and I was lucky enough to be invited to tag along that year.  That particular year Mark Hamill had directed a film and was at the premiere.  My long awaited dream came true.  I got to meet Luke, in person.  The thrill in my heart was not there, but the excitement of the long ago wish coming true was great.

Weird pose
This past weekend was the Livermore Film festival.  My brother and his family went on Saturday.  I had the biggest cow that I was not invited.  Next thing I know waa-laa, tickets for the Sunday show were given to me. We went to see short films from all over the world.  Each film lasted between three to fifteen minutes, just enough to wet your appetite. I thoroughly enjoy the shows.  We actually sat next to a director of one of the short films.  He came all the way from England.  His movie was a little disturbing, but the Q&A with him after the movie gave a clearer insight to the reason that he made this movie.  Later Py told me he was going to interview this same director for his radio show.
It always amazes me the power of movies.  They take you on journeys that you could never imagine on your own.  Thanks Py…