Mega years a go, we lived in Guyana, when I was a wee little one.  My Mom has a ways enjoyed gardening.  The soil in Guyana was so rich and fertile it would grow just about anything.  Just the over turning of the soil would uncover large worms a plenty.  Of course I would have to develop a fear of worms.  I would purposely stay away when gardening day occur.
After many years I have tired to conquer my fear of worms.  Now when I see one on the sidewalk, jumping around like a fish out of water, I find a stick or something to gently brush it back to soil.   But, worms and stories about worms still scare the bee-gee-bees out of me.
This is a true story my Mom took great delight in relaying to me.  The very thought of the story causes me to instantly scratch my head uncontrollable.  This is one that I must write down, because I heard if something bothers you write it down and it will lessen the bother.
This English lady shows up in the ER violent scratch her head, begging everyone to get rid of the bugs in her head.  The doctor examines her head and finds nothing.  Her husband said that he has seen these things pop out of her head from time to time.  The doctor said that is impossible, there is such a thin layer between the skull and the skin that nothing could be in there.  Upon further exam his finds tiny pinholes, and sometimes little bubbles coming out of the holes.  The lady is most insistent that he removes these bugs.  He keeps coming back and checking on her and on one occasion he saw something just slightly pop out.   He grabs forceps and waits patiently, the next time he saw it he got a good hold of it and pulled.  It was a worm that was 5 inches long, flat and white.  He fished out three of those from her head. She was eternally grateful to him for believing her.  She had gone to see two other doctors about this matter and they did not believe her.
She had recently gone to Costa Rico and apparently some insects laid eggs in her hair and you know the rest.
Do I feel better now that this story is out on blog paper?  NO, I am still itching.