May 2008

In order to promote Uplifting the Human Spirit.  A certain coffee shop company has positive eye opening comments on their bands that your put around your paper coffee cup when it is too hot to hold.  The one my Mom got today was, “Your hair looks really really really good today,  like-really good. ” We all need a little pick me up and a lot of smiles these days.


Last night Big Sis took me out to dinner.  What a lucky Mama I am. We went over to an area that had a big IMAX theater surround by what seemed like a myriad of restaurants.  Big Sis said, hey I remembered you use to like the Salads at Applebee’s, Oh yeah the home of the fried pickles I said in my best Wisconsin accent. (Family joke, my dad is from Wisconsin)
So off we went to Applebee’s.  The first thing we notice is that they changed their menu.  It now resemble a 5X 7 children’s book.  It has a lot of pretty pictures of food, with bold description of each menu item.  The prices of each meal were done is a medium light blue color. For people like me who have trouble seeing up close it was difficult to discern.
I selected the Apple Chicken Walnut Salad.  Big sis selected an Appetizers Delight with mini hamburgers, cheese sticks, Mexican crispy things with a couple of different sauces.
When the waiter brought our meals, it was really small.  The pictures in the menu looked like a nice size, we did not get the half size portion either.    I said gee, the prices have gone up, the meal portion has shrunk and the quality has been reduced.  We ate our meals and well, I was not as excited about my Salad as I used to be.
I guess we have joined the rest of the world, small portions for more $$$$.  We are no longer the country of more for the buck so to speak.  Some can view this as a conspiracy
to reduce the size of our waistband, but the reality of it is it just reduces the amount of $$$ in our pocket books.  This less for more is happening to many restaurants
Now I can literally say, I remember the good old days when we used to go to Applebee’s have a great meal with leftovers, and my dentures would not even flap around; Because it was literally a little over a year ago.

Blogging for me is sometimes a difficult thing.  I feel very hesitate to get personal.  I am one that always takes comments very personally.  Some comments from readers I don’t really know are harsh.  I should be like water on a duck’s back, it just falls to the off and is never felt, but at last I am not.

This week I wanted to write about all the natural disasters that are occurring.  I was going to parallel to the story Chicken Little, “The Sky is falling.” Realization hit, that is very doom and gloom.

I thought writing about my Mom’s new Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, I borrowed it for a few days, cause my youngest was having coughing spells all night long for a week now.  My Mom said that I would be amazed at what a Dyson picks up that a normal vacuum cleaner would not.  Hey, I am a believer.  I filled that canister by just vacuuming her room and part of my room.  That night she only coughed a few times.  I fell in love with her Dyson vacuum cleaner.  As soon as I have $400.00 to spare I will get my own Dyson.

My dog is always an interesting topic for me.  The other day I read her tarot cards.  She was quite interested in her future.  It promised no long car rides for a while, because she is of a delicate nature and makes herself carsick.  But if you put her in the basket on the front of a bicycle she will ride around all day with out any ill effects.

I started my vegetable garden in little pots scattered around the yard.  The squash plants are growing fast.  The dog likes to check the vegetable pots daily.  May be she talks to them.  She sticks her nose in the dirt and comes up with the dirt mustache and an A-ok look on her face. There is something so peaceful about gardening.

Clinton – Obama
Obama – Clinton
Clinton – Obama
Obama – Clinton
I am Obama Clinton out.  All right I have literally O.D on this stand off and say every week I say to myself, Ok when is it all going to be over.
This democratic battle has taken over the papers, the TV and the radio.
Mean while the gas prices are out of this world and all I hear is it is going to get worse.
The price of food, entertainment, and etc has inflated very fast and our paychecks however, have not.  The job market is a joke, and the wages they are offering for these pitiful jobs are an insult.
Burma lost an estimated 100, 000 people from the cyclone that hit the country this past weekend.  It is Thursday and this is the first I have heard of it.  Why you say because every time I watch or listen to the news all I hear is that Obama is winning, or Clinton has the popular vote, or Tom Hanks wrote on his blog that his vote is going toward Obama, and he has high hopes his fan base will follow his example.  So off goes that radio or TV because I am tired of this democratic race.  Am I un-American, heck no, but there are very serious issues occurring in the US and globally right now and we are being bombard with this democratic race.  May be it is a ploy to take our minds off the major problems that the US is facing with the Oil situation. Oh and by the way, the tiny story on Burma’s state of devastation shows how compassionate the US is to our neighbors.

P.S. My opinion is not aimed at offending the Obama – Clinton followers