Blogging for me is sometimes a difficult thing.  I feel very hesitate to get personal.  I am one that always takes comments very personally.  Some comments from readers I don’t really know are harsh.  I should be like water on a duck’s back, it just falls to the off and is never felt, but at last I am not.

This week I wanted to write about all the natural disasters that are occurring.  I was going to parallel to the story Chicken Little, “The Sky is falling.” Realization hit, that is very doom and gloom.

I thought writing about my Mom’s new Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, I borrowed it for a few days, cause my youngest was having coughing spells all night long for a week now.  My Mom said that I would be amazed at what a Dyson picks up that a normal vacuum cleaner would not.  Hey, I am a believer.  I filled that canister by just vacuuming her room and part of my room.  That night she only coughed a few times.  I fell in love with her Dyson vacuum cleaner.  As soon as I have $400.00 to spare I will get my own Dyson.

My dog is always an interesting topic for me.  The other day I read her tarot cards.  She was quite interested in her future.  It promised no long car rides for a while, because she is of a delicate nature and makes herself carsick.  But if you put her in the basket on the front of a bicycle she will ride around all day with out any ill effects.

I started my vegetable garden in little pots scattered around the yard.  The squash plants are growing fast.  The dog likes to check the vegetable pots daily.  May be she talks to them.  She sticks her nose in the dirt and comes up with the dirt mustache and an A-ok look on her face. There is something so peaceful about gardening.