Last night Big Sis took me out to dinner.  What a lucky Mama I am. We went over to an area that had a big IMAX theater surround by what seemed like a myriad of restaurants.  Big Sis said, hey I remembered you use to like the Salads at Applebee’s, Oh yeah the home of the fried pickles I said in my best Wisconsin accent. (Family joke, my dad is from Wisconsin)
So off we went to Applebee’s.  The first thing we notice is that they changed their menu.  It now resemble a 5X 7 children’s book.  It has a lot of pretty pictures of food, with bold description of each menu item.  The prices of each meal were done is a medium light blue color. For people like me who have trouble seeing up close it was difficult to discern.
I selected the Apple Chicken Walnut Salad.  Big sis selected an Appetizers Delight with mini hamburgers, cheese sticks, Mexican crispy things with a couple of different sauces.
When the waiter brought our meals, it was really small.  The pictures in the menu looked like a nice size, we did not get the half size portion either.    I said gee, the prices have gone up, the meal portion has shrunk and the quality has been reduced.  We ate our meals and well, I was not as excited about my Salad as I used to be.
I guess we have joined the rest of the world, small portions for more $$$$.  We are no longer the country of more for the buck so to speak.  Some can view this as a conspiracy
to reduce the size of our waistband, but the reality of it is it just reduces the amount of $$$ in our pocket books.  This less for more is happening to many restaurants
Now I can literally say, I remember the good old days when we used to go to Applebee’s have a great meal with leftovers, and my dentures would not even flap around; Because it was literally a little over a year ago.