It is just so hard sometimes to come up with stuff to write about.  It is not that day in and day out nothing changes.  Because everyday life  has new and, well interesting stuff thrown into your path.

I have been doing a lot of reading but just to give the brain a rest,  last week I turned on the TV to do some channel surfing and came up with a station that is playing oldies.  They just started this series call the Dead Zone.  It is about this guy who gets into a car accident and wakes up 6 years later with ESP.  He had brain damage and a certain part of the brain called the Dead Zone became developed .  It is a take off of Steve King’s book.  This guy can see present, past and future of people by touching them or an object that they have had contact with.  It is cool to see him trip out on these vision flashes.  The actor that they selected for the part is kind of creepy and so the two in combo is really interesting.

When I was a wee thing, we used to watch TV for free.  Then a new concept came along and you could get a thing called Cable for $3.50 or so a month.  Once that happen, oh gee, you could get more than three channels.  Oh my gosh you got thirteen.  Fast forward, now you can get 100’s of channels and you sit in front of the TV and go from channel to channel looking for something interesting to watch.  You pay through  the nose for cable.  Most of the times, there is nothing that interests me.  I will either turn it off or watch some old classic show.

The shows that are new and improved, really have no appeal to me.  One or two I have got hooked on them for one or two seasons and they get canceled. What the heck are they doing with this change over in Feb 09, where everyone has to get a box in order to be able to view TV?  This whole thing sounds like the gas prices, just robbing people out of what little money they have.