July 2008

The other day I heard Christian Bale beat up his Mother and sister in a fit of rage.  I thought wow, now that is really taking it too far.  All these thought ran through my head, like oh boy, Fame ain’t it a Bitch. or geese Bale’s  Ego turned into a mushy egg-o.  How could anyone do that to his or her mother?  I am still in disbelief.
Well, I read a story today out of London; it said that Bale did not lay a finger on his mother or his sister.  Bale’ mother was saying some not so nice stuff about his current wife.  Bale got mad at his mother and cussed his mother out.  The mother called the police and stated he assaulted her.  He was picked up and taken to the police station, held for 5 hours and questioned and then was freed on bail.  The actor still says that he never assaulted either his mom or his sister.
Many years ago my best friend told me of an incident between her mother and her sister.
Her mother and her sister got into a big verbal fight one day.  Her sister ran out of the house and the mother chased her and told her to come back.  They ended up in the vegetable garden and my friend said all she could see were tomatoes being thrown and being smashed in faces and hair.  She said it was terrible and her sister walked away and never came back.
Words are like bullets they leave huge holes in people.  Those holes sometimes never heal.  It is a good thing humans are not telepathic; I think we would be extinct.
Rule of thumb, think before you speak.  Never speak when you are angry.  They should teach this stuff in school instead of algebra.


A Very Important Note:
Since I am just posting once a week, I missed a very special and important date. July 19th was my beautiful mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!!!
Many blessing with lots of love may your heart be content, and this year be fabulous, just like you are…

Big sis sent me this news flash. Only she can find these odd stories

Abbie Hawkins, 19, of Norwich, had been wearing the bra for five hours when she plucked up the courage to investigate.
When she did, she found a baby bat in padding in her 34FF bra. The hotel receptionist said she was shocked but felt bad for removing the “cuddly” bat. “It looked cosy and comfortable and I was sorry for disturbing it,” she said.
She was sitting at her desk at work when she decided to investigate the strange movements in her underwear.
“I put my hand down my bra and pulled out a cuddly little bat.

“When I realized it was a bat the first thing that occurred to me was how did it get in there.
“I felt quite sorry for it. Perhaps I should have left it there and given it a good home.
“I did not notice anything as I put my bra on. The night before I had had one or two drinks and I was getting ready quickly.
“The bra was in my drawer but it had been on the washing line the day before.
“When I was driving to work, I felt a slight vibration but I thought it was just my mobile phone in my jacket pocket.”
The bat was captured by one of her colleagues and released.

The other day my youngest daughter was telling me about what an acquaintance of hers was doing, I was shaking me head thinking, oh geeses the whole thing sounded like an excellent recipe for disaster. During that conversation, she mentioned that the way to learn is by making mistakes. I am still thinking about that comment. Some thing about that comment just irked me the wrong way. What happened to the learn from your Elders advise? There are a great many youth today that feel like they know what is best for them. It is like they think they are these wise old beings. A lot of times they are free to give advise to one another and the advise is just plain dumb.
This same thought has been around for generations and goes way way back in history. For example, we never learned from World War 1, because there was World War 11, generously sprinkled in with other various fancy named wars. One generation refused to listen to the older ones and then the same result occurred… WAR.
Ok, back in the early 1970’s when Jimmy Carter was President, we had a gas shortage. People with odd license plate could fill up on odd days and people with even license plate could fill up on even days. In the town I lived in, there was a major line to get to the pumps on any given day. Oh golly gee that was quite a time for our parents, a gas shortage!
34 years ago the US government had the opportunity to change the type of fuel we use to powers cars. Well, not much was done. Years ago they came up with an electric car. Well, all of those electric cars have been destroyed and the hybrid took its place. Instead of manufacturing all cars like Hybrids they only produced a small percentage. Did any learn anything from the major gas shortage in the 70’s? No, because each generation has to learn from their own mistakes. I could go on and point out a bunch of other examples, but who wants to read on and on and on.
Are we as a population doomed to make mistakes over and over because one generation is too arrogant to learn from the proceeding generations? I think so. Yep this is one of those oh no, the sky in falling post.
On a brighter subject, gee the sun is really shinning a lot lately, around here.

Seventeen years ago I was in the hospital craving potato salad and going thru labor for my youngest child.  As the labor progressed the craving for potato salad was replaced with a deep-deep-deep wish that the pain of labor would just stop.  With every long contraction I could feel this wee little one inside of me resisting gravity with the sensation of her trying to crawl back deep and safe in the womb.  She was two weeks early and it seemed like the Universe was in a hurry to have this little one come in to this world and be earth bound.
My oldest daughter was sitting in the lobby of the hospital engrossed with her game boy.  My mom and my daughter’s father were rallying at my bedside with conversation and advise.
At 5:30 pm Chee made here entrance into this world, at first the mid wives declared her a boy and then they cleared their voice and said you have a little girl.  I guess that tiny mistake from the midwife and the cold entrance made Chee a very mad little one.  She cried nonstop.  I was so happy I had a little girl. I had kept the best of big sis baby stuff for little sis. Well what a wonderful gift it is to have children.  I have to thank my lucky stars for my two girls. Even through all of the ups and downs of childhood and teen years, I truly feel blessed. After her birth I never craved potato salad again, but Chee loves potatoes.
Happy birthday my little one.