Seventeen years ago I was in the hospital craving potato salad and going thru labor for my youngest child.  As the labor progressed the craving for potato salad was replaced with a deep-deep-deep wish that the pain of labor would just stop.  With every long contraction I could feel this wee little one inside of me resisting gravity with the sensation of her trying to crawl back deep and safe in the womb.  She was two weeks early and it seemed like the Universe was in a hurry to have this little one come in to this world and be earth bound.
My oldest daughter was sitting in the lobby of the hospital engrossed with her game boy.  My mom and my daughter’s father were rallying at my bedside with conversation and advise.
At 5:30 pm Chee made here entrance into this world, at first the mid wives declared her a boy and then they cleared their voice and said you have a little girl.  I guess that tiny mistake from the midwife and the cold entrance made Chee a very mad little one.  She cried nonstop.  I was so happy I had a little girl. I had kept the best of big sis baby stuff for little sis. Well what a wonderful gift it is to have children.  I have to thank my lucky stars for my two girls. Even through all of the ups and downs of childhood and teen years, I truly feel blessed. After her birth I never craved potato salad again, but Chee loves potatoes.
Happy birthday my little one.