The other day my youngest daughter was telling me about what an acquaintance of hers was doing, I was shaking me head thinking, oh geeses the whole thing sounded like an excellent recipe for disaster. During that conversation, she mentioned that the way to learn is by making mistakes. I am still thinking about that comment. Some thing about that comment just irked me the wrong way. What happened to the learn from your Elders advise? There are a great many youth today that feel like they know what is best for them. It is like they think they are these wise old beings. A lot of times they are free to give advise to one another and the advise is just plain dumb.
This same thought has been around for generations and goes way way back in history. For example, we never learned from World War 1, because there was World War 11, generously sprinkled in with other various fancy named wars. One generation refused to listen to the older ones and then the same result occurred… WAR.
Ok, back in the early 1970’s when Jimmy Carter was President, we had a gas shortage. People with odd license plate could fill up on odd days and people with even license plate could fill up on even days. In the town I lived in, there was a major line to get to the pumps on any given day. Oh golly gee that was quite a time for our parents, a gas shortage!
34 years ago the US government had the opportunity to change the type of fuel we use to powers cars. Well, not much was done. Years ago they came up with an electric car. Well, all of those electric cars have been destroyed and the hybrid took its place. Instead of manufacturing all cars like Hybrids they only produced a small percentage. Did any learn anything from the major gas shortage in the 70’s? No, because each generation has to learn from their own mistakes. I could go on and point out a bunch of other examples, but who wants to read on and on and on.
Are we as a population doomed to make mistakes over and over because one generation is too arrogant to learn from the proceeding generations? I think so. Yep this is one of those oh no, the sky in falling post.
On a brighter subject, gee the sun is really shinning a lot lately, around here.