The other day I heard Christian Bale beat up his Mother and sister in a fit of rage.  I thought wow, now that is really taking it too far.  All these thought ran through my head, like oh boy, Fame ain’t it a Bitch. or geese Bale’s  Ego turned into a mushy egg-o.  How could anyone do that to his or her mother?  I am still in disbelief.
Well, I read a story today out of London; it said that Bale did not lay a finger on his mother or his sister.  Bale’ mother was saying some not so nice stuff about his current wife.  Bale got mad at his mother and cussed his mother out.  The mother called the police and stated he assaulted her.  He was picked up and taken to the police station, held for 5 hours and questioned and then was freed on bail.  The actor still says that he never assaulted either his mom or his sister.
Many years ago my best friend told me of an incident between her mother and her sister.
Her mother and her sister got into a big verbal fight one day.  Her sister ran out of the house and the mother chased her and told her to come back.  They ended up in the vegetable garden and my friend said all she could see were tomatoes being thrown and being smashed in faces and hair.  She said it was terrible and her sister walked away and never came back.
Words are like bullets they leave huge holes in people.  Those holes sometimes never heal.  It is a good thing humans are not telepathic; I think we would be extinct.
Rule of thumb, think before you speak.  Never speak when you are angry.  They should teach this stuff in school instead of algebra.