I was reading a little article the other day in the paper. The picture really fascinated me. As far as the eye could see were people floating in these little rubber tubes. The picture was taken at a spot called Salt Lake also known as the China’s Dead Sea in Dayin County, China’s Sichuan province.

I cut out the picture because it amazed me that so many people could be in one place, so compact together and be happy without drugs or alcohol in their systems. I am not a person that does well in crowds. The older I get, the worst it seems. I see a large mass of people gathered and I walked the opposite way.

Just looking at these Asian families in the water floating, it is a good thing that sharks and tsunamis are not common in the these types of salt lakes, and what about the pee factor, would anyone notice if a thousand people peed in that lake around the same time?

This is not the exact picture that was run in the newspaper, but it kind of gives you a little idea of the what I was looking at.