I remember when I would go to one store and pick up most of my groceries for the week.
It was a no brainer, so what if I paid a few cents more at that store, it did not matter to me.
Times have changed. I never thought I would be a coupon -store special shopper.  The prices of food have really gone too high for my budget at the major grocery chains.  I find myself looking through the grocery store paper mailers finding the best prices, instead of lining the bottom of the birdcages with those mailers.  Now, I go to several different grocery stores to buy groceries.  I go to Walmart and Target to buy the dry goods and some dairy products, because they are .50-$1.00 cheaper.  I feel like I am poor.
Then I read in the newspaper more people are doing this kind of shopping.  One of the high-end grocery stores, Whole Foods has been losing their clients because of this trend for thrifty shopping.  So good news they have lowered their prices on many items.  They have even set up tours with tips for bargain hunting in the store.  I’ve got to go and check it out, and see if it is for real.  I would not be losing anything cause they always have free samples of fresh fruits, soups and baked goods.
Something has got to give with the prices we consumers have to pay, cause having a small farm in the back yard is kind of impossible.