Yesterday, I sweet-talked my mom into coming over and helping me sort out my house. Last week, I tried to start this project on my own and ended up feeling dizzy and disoriented.

We had a simple meal to give us the strength needed for this job and set out.  Four and half-hours later we have countless bags of garbage, and more bags of give away items. Believe it or not we only tackled one room, the girls.  Over the last 11 years the girls have collected things, lots of things.  Stuff I bought them, they bought, friends and family bought, or just found.  Weeding thru the stuff was tedious, but at least we had good conversation.  When we finished the place seemed cleaner, but it really did not make much of a dent in the amount of stuff that is still in the room.
We are just a stuff society.  We are always collecting stuff.  It is not really like we need it, just want it.
On any given trip to Target I can load my cart up with stuff that is an excellent price.  Ooooh, look at these earrings, or this is a cute towel set, maybe great price on garden stuff. It is not that I don’t have any earrings or towels, geese I have a closet and jewelry box full of those items and more.  So why do we do this?
My theory is because there is nothing else to do that compares to shopping.  If you want to go out, yeah there is food, but there is only so much of that you can take in, so what else would fill the void of time. Hiking, biking, club, tennis, baseball, only can do that for a short time, before becoming exhausted.  Oh, then there is reading, work, watching TV, listening to music, talking to friends all that stuff is done sitting down. Shopping is something that you can do at your pace; no one puts pressure on you to perform.  What other thing can you do that offers the gratification of finding a pair of designer shorts in some unheard of color for only .99 cents?
Thus that sense of gratification just enables us into collecting more and more stuff…
And so the cycle repeats itself.
My room next time mom??