I was watching a show that had Judge Judy on as a guest.  The Judge was asked do you think raising children today is different and more difficult then 20 years ago.  She said “yes, because of the Internet.”  “The children have free access to pornography sites, which they misuse or abuse.”
I was thinking about her statement.  Does pornography sites cause children to be rude and disrespectful?  Does it contribute to use of alcohol, drugs and eating disorders? How about disregarding responsibilities at home or hanging out with so call friends 24/7?
If it does then pornography is a powerful thing.
I realize that people spend countless hours watching stuff that is so unimaginable on these porn sites, that is the cause of sex addiction,, which people have to check in Rehab centers to break themselves of.
David Duchovny was the latest victim to surface with this problem.  What exactly do they do in Rehab for these people who are sex addicts?  Do they give up sex altogether and maybe join the Monks in a monastery somewhere?
I don’t think the problems of difficulty in raising children or addictions are to blame on the unlimited access to porno on the Internet.

It is about excess, no limits, too much, more.

We as parents and adults indulge our children and ourselves.  There are not a lot of restrictions that we give to our children. Especially in the area I live in.  I see parents giving in on money issues, toys, electronics, socializing, basic manners you name it.  Why, guilt the endless arguing or whining, or because it is socially unacceptable to reprimand your kids more than just a time out or maybe a loss of an allowance?
I’m just guessing, but something has to change and it needs to start with limits, moderation.
I am tired of rude, obnoxious, children/adults verbally abusing me when they are walking in the middle of the road as I am driving, or maybe because I happen to pop into a store and want some help, while they are on the clock but texting their friend, Or when I’m talking to their parent or another person, and a kid interrupts just to be the center of attention.

Triple 9’s
Happy Birthday to my Dad.
Lets go for a round of singing Happy Birthday
Hummmmmm, Happy Birthday day to you ….