Wow, what a week this has been. This is scary and it looks like the US is that close to hitting rock bottom.
My all time favorite bank WAMU is hanging on by a micro strand of thread, hoping some big giant Corp will bail them out. Bank of America bailed out Merrill Lynch. Lehman Brothers collapse, the federal government bailed out AIG before they also collapsed. People losing jobs right and left. The latest, I understand Longs a local drugs store that owns 521 stores in the area has merged with CVS. Eight hundred people are going to be jobless over the next few months. That is just the small fraction of a financial trouble that is occurring at the moment.
These current events made me slightly curious as to what President Bush comments or plan on these current events.

Out of Washington:
“Eager to show that he feels people’s pain, President Bush scuttled a political fundraising trip Thursday to tell the country his administration is working feverishly to calm turmoil in the financial markets.
Bush was supposed to spend the day in Alabama and Florida raising money for Republicans and talking energy policy. He canceled his appearance at the fundraisers — Vice President Dick Cheney will be there instead — and stayed focused on the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression.
“The American people are concerned about the situation in our financial markets and our economy,” Bush said. “And I share their concerns

Wooooh, Glad to know that President Bush is concern.