October 2008

Can’t decide which costume to wear for Halloween.

A Ghost

Pink Pup Super Hero

Snake Wrestler

Agent P from Men in Black

Happy Halloween


Along time ago, 250-somethings years ago in a small country, there was a major financial crisis, trigger by the cost of intervening in a war. The war was the American War of Independence. Well, the action of helping the Americans was a noble one. Unfortunately this lead to an unequal system of taxation for the people of France, and well the rest is the history of Bastille Day. The common people of France were literally starving, while those who were in power were caught up in the notion of grandeur. They made decisions not for the people of France but for the power of France.
Fast forward, 250 something years and America is in power. The great nation is what we are called. Everyone wanted to come to the US because it was the land of the free and you could make more money than ever imagine.
Today our great country is really in trouble. Every day, I hear about a bail out of major financial institution. Billions of dollars being spend to help these poor institutions that have somehow been wronged by the people of America, or so the people in power say. This news has been over powering and we are not hearing about the billions of dollars that is being spent on the War on Independence in the Middle East. So now US is Trillions of dollars in debt.

Who is going to pay these Trillions of dollars back?
We the people of US, the ones who are shaking in boots that they will lose their jobs, or the ones that are unemployed, uninsured, lost their homes, hungry living off unemployment, if they are lucky enough.
There used to be three financial classes of people, the upper, the middle and the lower class. I bet if they reexamine the classes, they would see that it is now two classes.

Once again what is it the point of studying history if we are not going to learn from it?

Just a thought…
These financial institutions made loans available to the public. They were handing these loans out like candy. The public of course took it, because lets face it the average person does not take much time to read and go through the thick stack of loan documents with a fine tooth comb to see the ins and out of the particular loan that they are signing a contract for. They would rather ask for the cliff note version of the loan and depending on the loan officer’s integrity and time to explain it. This financial problem is one that both sides are to blame, the loan institution and the loan buyer. Why do the institutions get bailed out, but the average loan person gets no breaks. Where is the fairness in that plan? The land of the free has become very costly.

I heard that Sarah Jessica Parker has come out with a new clothing line.  My first thought was, woooooooooh expensive clothes.  Oh was I wrong, all of her stuff is under the price of $19.99.  Get this; she said every woman deserves to wear fashionable clothes.  Well my hat is off to Sarah, cause these day people cannot afford much.  I went on line to see what her clothes looks like.  They look like Sarah Jessica Parker.  I hope they come is size L and XL, well, even those look small.  May be XXL. If you want to check it out here is her website, http://www.bittensjp.com.

Someone brought to my attention that it is common etiquette to reply to comments made on your blog.  Oh, I did not know that.  Some times I am so behind the times it isn’t funny.  So, from now on I will acquire some blog etiquette and reply to most comments.

I am not voting for John McCain/Sarah Palin, but I would like to voice a concern.
I am really appalled at the bashing this woman receives.
There are quite a lot of people out there that have so much anger and intense dislike for Sarah Palin.  I have to wonder why. What the heck has she physically done to the nation to warrant such treatment?
If you ever watch The View, 4 women on the panel have a hate fest going on for Sarah Palin.  They rip the women up and down for comment she makes or does not make.  For her family, for her life, for any nit-picking thing she does.  One of the ladies on the panel has been sticking up for Sarah, and today Barbara Walters said to her why are you always-defending Sarah Palin?  I though that was odd, as every one else on the Panel are shouting out insults about the women.
This is a very heated election.  People have strong opinions and beliefs about the candidates they are supporting. Everywhere you go, you hear comments or get involved in political discussions.  At late however the discussions are about Sarah Palin.  I listen to people’s comments about her and they are very negative, but I find that the most negative comments come from women.  They get so worked up and if you look at their faces they are oozing out revulsion for this women. Why?  I really cannot understand.
I have heard comments that Sarah is just dumb and is not a good or strong speaker.
Did these same people forget about Dan Quayle?  I did not remember him being bashed this strongly by the public.
Ok Sarah likes to hunt and carries a big gun.
Humm, I recalled Dick Cheney hunting and carrying a big gun and oh mistakenly shot
Harry Whittington on the right cheek, neck and chest.  Not a lot of comments about that either.
A leader is a leader, weather that person is a man or women.  Women have been in power before.  Yes there have been both good and bad women leaders.  But let us not forget that there have also been good and bad men leaders.
People are generally very critical about women.  But what excuse do women have when they are critical and judgmental about women?
The question I have is why do we judge women more severely than men?
Shouldn’t we just embrace humanity as one, and not segregate