I heard that Sarah Jessica Parker has come out with a new clothing line.  My first thought was, woooooooooh expensive clothes.  Oh was I wrong, all of her stuff is under the price of $19.99.  Get this; she said every woman deserves to wear fashionable clothes.  Well my hat is off to Sarah, cause these day people cannot afford much.  I went on line to see what her clothes looks like.  They look like Sarah Jessica Parker.  I hope they come is size L and XL, well, even those look small.  May be XXL. If you want to check it out here is her website, http://www.bittensjp.com.

Someone brought to my attention that it is common etiquette to reply to comments made on your blog.  Oh, I did not know that.  Some times I am so behind the times it isn’t funny.  So, from now on I will acquire some blog etiquette and reply to most comments.