November 2008


Another year to be thankful for…

Big Sis, Chee, my parents, my family, the roof over our heads, the good food we are lucky to have in abundance and LOVE.

( Now it is your turn to fill in the blank)


At late we have been staying home and cooking instead of going out, because the quality and quantity of the food for the price you pay has not been satisfactory. When the gas prices were high everyone was cutting back on the quality and raising the cost of the food, they said because of the fuel prices.  Now that gas is a $1.99 at Costco, I still have not seen much of a drop in the cost of the food.  But hey there is always tomorrow and hope that all will return back to normal in the food industry, oh and all the industries.

With the cold weather comes an appetite, and sometimes the lack of interest in cooking.  Last week we went out to lunch at a place call Swad in Lafayette. They have a lunch buffet for under ten dollars, I think it is $9.95-$9.99.  I had heard about this place from an acquaintance and of course thanks to the trusty Internet, I Googled it.  The reviews were all positive.  Well, let me tell you the food was so goooood.  I have not had food with so much flavor in a long time. The lamb curry was the tender and to die for.  The Naan was nonstop and fresh.  I loved all the vegetarian dishes.  If you feel like good Indian food, try this place.   The fact that it was a buffet did not help my waistline.  We ate so much that they had to roll us out of there. (Not) We rolled ourselves and did not eat for the rest of the day.  


A full moon brings hope for this month… 

Send all your wishes towards the moon and believe that good things will happen.

Recently I read a book called Pastwatch.  It is a Sci-Fi book.  It was about the future generation that is left to rebuild the world after exploitation of the past generations.
They invented these machines to educate them on the past.  I think they were like computers.  The technology gave them the ability to pick any moment in time and go back and watch a person or people lives in detailed.   It was to educate these people on the mistakes and accomplishments of the past.  The current world that they live in could not be repaired as thought and they were all going to perish due to famine.  So they got to pick a time in history to go back and alter, so that there could be a future for many generations beyond theirs.  The era of choice was the later 1400’s and person they choose to alter was Christopher Columbus.
The concept was interesting, if you could choose a time or person in history to alter, what would you choose?
For me, I would just choose to alter a decision my mother made around 1974. No, I think I would alter my father to be more demonstrative with his love.  I think that would have changed all of our lives for the better. Isn’t it funny how something so small as affection/love could alter the outcome of the future?