Last night on “House”, one of the cases they were trying to save was a woman who was a TV fitness guru.  She transformed over weight people into lean mean beautiful body machines with her fitness regiments.   She was being filmed training a guy who had a weight issue when suddenly she collapsed and fell down some stadium stairs.
She was brought to House’s Hospital and was the guinea pig for House and his team.
She was diagnosed with this rare disorder.  Her body lacked enzymes that break down the food she eats to create the fuel she needed to keep her muscles working.  Unbeknown to her, her body compensated for this disorder, by slowing down her metabolism and giving her the craving for high carb diet.  Which of course made her over weight.  She was sick of being overweight and opted for a gastric bypass which made her lose weight by eating less, going on a no carb diet and exercising.  She became fit, beautiful and marketable.  When the doctors found out about this, they offered to reverse her gastric bypass and told her to go back on her high carb diet.
She flatly refused; she chose beauty over health even if it would kill her. Story ends, they offered her a band-aide drug to mask the symptoms.
This type of story is one with many different variations.  Being skinny is a large epidemic in today’s culture.  People go to great lengths to be skinny.
Two years ago, I did a blog on the Victoria Secret fashion show.  Which I heard is on TV tonight.  I still get comments on that particular blog, from very angry people, who interpreted that blog as an insult to Victoria Secret models.  A lot of those comments I had to trash, because the language was very fowl.  I have nothing against models, they are beautiful.  What I do not care for is the impression that the media creates; skinny is beautiful and if you are not skinny then sorry Charlie you are not beautiful.
This type of hype affects all of our children and thus leads to the epidemic of disorders children and adults create to be skinny/beautiful