Well, I kind of keep a low profile about personal things, and really try not to brag about my children. But this is one of the things that I can’t help but step over the line and be proud of publicly.
Big Sis wrote a book and now it is in print. It is called, “Yoga By The Seat of Your Pants.” The content is practical postures for professional people. The book examines common work related stress and injuries and very simple yoga exercises you can do right at your desk. It is a very easy/fun reading book with detailed description and pictures of all the exercises one can do to prevent any type of injury, weather mental or physical.
If you are interested in her book I can give you information on it. Currently she is working on her website and will have that up and running within the week.
That little girl of mine has always been an independent Go-getter. Her accomplishments are just extraordinary and yes I am beaming proud Mama.

Here is a picture from the book, but due to no scanning capabilities the words are backwards. But the pictures kind of give the flavor. Sorry about the qualityphoto-411