It is the New Year and my first blog of 2009.  I want to be positive and upbeat.
First to begin with I have not bumble writing 2009 on my checks at all. That is a good sign. (Yeah, I still write checks instead of using my Debit card).
We started the year off by having a dinner party.  I know what you are thinking; but everyone partied on New Years Eve and they were probably, well partied out.  Not the group I had over.  They were very happy, enthusiastic bunch.  They enjoyed the healthy food and lots of laughter.  That was the best New Years day ever.
The second day of the New Year my house was cleaner than usual.  What a light and wonderful feeling that was.
We saw two really thought provoking movies over the weekend, Seven pounds and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Both were not your average loud, explosive, speed chasing, mentally or physically abusing others type of movies.  They were more about people making a difference in other people’s lives type of movie.  Which, is uplifting, heart warming and tear in you eye type.
On the fifth day of the New Year, I got a gift card to Longs Drug store for being on call for a group shopping session through Nicholas Research. (They are a consumer survey company).  You can register online and they may call you to participate in survey, you can get money or gift cards, for taking part in a 2- hour session.  I was never called to come to the store, but received the benefit anyway.
This year I will try and keep that upbeat feeling and hope for wonderful things to occur.
Two great things have already happened for two of my brothers.  I will hope for all who read this that wonderful things will occur for you this year, 2009.
Happy 2009!