Front page of The Wall Street Journal reports that the Job Loss today is that compared to 1945. As of December 2008, 2.5 million people have lost their jobs across the U.S. That is a jaw dropping statistical analysis.

I went over to Trader Joe’s on Sunday to buy a couple of things. Trader Joe’s is always boast about their unbelievable prices and compares them to the local grocery stores. I was picking up my usual and noticed that their prices have gone up. Most items are now .29 cents more. Why?

But wait it is not just Trader Joe’s, it is other retail businesses, such as Target, Marshall, Safeway, the 99 Cent Store  , (they raised their prices to  99.98 cents, I don’t get how you would calculate that one) just to name a few.

I got to wonder why; the price of gas that is down, well, it is slowly on the raise. But it stills the lowest it has been for years. Remember when retailers where raising the prices, because the cost of gas was in the high $4.00 range? When gas got down to $1.69 a gallon, the retailers prices maybe only dropped a few cents here or there for items.

So what is the excuse now? Why is it that the prices are on the raise? I can’t help but think back in history of the times in Europe when the price of food was out of control and people were stealing stuff to eat, because they could not afford to pay a wheel barrel full of money for a loaf of bread.

Retailers need to make items more affordable in these harsh economic times. If it is affordable people will buy their products. But, if they keep raising their prices, they will have fewer customers. The Dollar Tree will have more customers buying their low nutrition food, and the Pet food stores will run low on their dog and cat food, because more people will use that as a substitute.

The People of U.S. are looking to Obama to wave his magic wand fix our economy and create jobs for all the unemployed. There is hope in the air for the U.S. future. I will keep my fingers crossed that Obama and his Cabinet of people can fix these GAINT problems.