A few weeks ago I got a call from a company that cleans carpets. They were having a special two rooms and a hallway for $49.00. Usually I would just say, I am sorry not interested, but I had planned on having the carpets cleaned. So taking this company up on its offer was saving me a trip to the trusty yellow pages.
My daughter and I moved most of the furniture out the day before so our carpets could get a good clean. The man showed up a little late, he was a around his early twenties dressed in fatigues with a nose ring that at first I mistake for a booger. I took him upstairs and showed him the rooms and asked him about cleaning the stairs. The stairs had a runner on it for years and only the sides needed cleaning. He said it would be two dollars per stair. I kind of rolled my eyes on this one and said please just clean them.
He was upstairs for a good ten minutes and came down. He said that my carpet needed deep cleaning, because they were really dirty. Now there is a price difference but, he would not quote me a price. The method they were using was steam cleaning. He said your carpets would not be cleaned unless you deep clean them. I said, I was quoted a price for steam cleaning, are you telling me you cannot clean my carpet for that price. I explained that if he could not get my carpets clean for that special price, I don’t want his services. This guy had a very heavy accent, and I was not sure if he understood, he went over this deep cleaning stuff again with me, I said no. I thought he understood. So he brought in this big black machine, and a box of chemicals. I left him alone and he went upstairs, he called me and told me to come. he showed me a dirty spot he deep cleaned. “See, you need this” he said. NO, I DON’T WANT IT, I said my voice raising a few octave higher.
He took less than a 1/2-hour to clean the carpet. I examined the stairs and there was dirt smeared across every stair. I was shocked. Then the heat began to slowly rise from my gut, to the top of my head and I blew like old faithful, which even surprised me, and I said this is the sh@# est job I have ever seen, you call this clean? You have made a mess of my carpet, you need to clean my carpet or I will not pay you,. He said in a very smart-mouth way, I told you that you needed deep cleaning. What proceeded to happen was beyond my wildest thoughts. That little punk stared screaming me. I got on the phone & dialed his company, I talked with someone who said he was the manager, he kept putting me on hold and calling the guy at my home and they were speaking a different language and the guy in my house was yelling into the phone and using the word hoe several times, referring to me. The manager came on my line and said it would cost me $399.00 to get my carpet clean. Long story short, that guy refused to clean my carpet or leave my house without his money. I told him to get out of my house and I would settle this with his manager. He refused and kept yelling and screaming, at one point I thought he was going to shove me, I picked up my cell phone and dialed 911. He left and I locked the door, but that did not stop him from yelling & pounding at the door. All this time his manger was on the phone with me listening. He left minutes after I hung up on his manager. The Sheriff came over and took a report and called the number I had for this company. Sheriff’s message to Care Carpet was stay away do not attempted to call me, take me to collections if they want.
This is a classic case of bait and switch. The company is called Care Carpet, or Carpet Care; I looked them up and could not find any listing. The number I called was a cell phone number that has a ID -Care Carpet. Beware…

Later that day I got my carpet cleaned by a professional at ChemDry.

Thank you Big Sis.