Well, Northern CA has gotten a good soaking. It has been raining for a week now some days it did not stop.  The air is so fresh.  Today was a reprieve from the rain the sun came out and it was like spring, what a treat.  Pip has been locked up in the house for days.  She dare not venture out in the rain, maybe she thought she would melt.   She chose to do her business under the eves and make a mad dash back to the house like jumm-bees were chasing her.  Today however it was a different story, she took off into the sunshine running around in circles squares looping in and out of the bushes for a good 10 minutes.  It was like someone wound her up or she was competing with the energizer bunny. Several neighbors were out and just stared at this wild and crazy dog shaking their heads like someone should take this dog to the loony factory. We Californians are so lucky to enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty.  I heard in Wisconsin today it is 0 degrees.

I also have to add even though it is raining, we still have a drought situation.  So if you hear this wee chant rain rain rain, it is from all who fear the rationing of water…